Chinese Calendrics Software
User Manual

The complete and detailed explanation of how to use The Chinese Calendar software

  1. Introduction
  2. Dark moon, lunation, equinox, solstice
  3. Chinese and Western Years
  4. The Chinese calendars defined
    1. The Chinese solar calendar
    2. The Chinese lunar calendar
  5. The 60-day and 60-month cycles
  6. Times
  7. Date conversion
  8. Moving forward and backward
  1. Finding particular days
  2. Entering dates in the log
  3. Astronomical and chronological Julian dates
  4. List Julian and Common Era new years
  5. List lunar new years and Chinese anniversaries
  6. List lunar month starts and leap months
  7. Dates, times and CJDs of dark moons and solar terms
  8. Delta T
  9. Month-at-a-Glance
  10. Acknowledgements

The user manual for this software was first published on this website on 2003-05-29 CE.

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